Industrial Coatings

We supply a range of Industrial Coatings to our clients across Middle East and Africa.

We can supply or export the following 

Glass Flake Coatings | For internal pipelines and elbows, pumps, cooling tower headers, FGD linings, penstocks, acid tank lining, offshore structures, splash zones, presure vessels, condenser tube sheets and water boxes.

• Koroglass™ 1000 • Koroglass™ EN 200 • Demoxy T9200 • Chemglass® Series • Superglass™ Series 

Polyurethane Coatings | For Undeground Pipelines, Underground Tanks, Digester Roofs, Cooling Tower Basin, Turbine Area Flooring, Effluent Tanks

• Polyguard Series • Poly UR Series • Flex 80 Putty • Demothane TE070 

Ceramic Coatings | For Condenser Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Impellers, Valves, Bends and Chutes, Hoppers, Electrostatic Precipitators, Carbon Dioxide Absorbers and Ventilation Fan Coatings

•Demech Tuffwear® Wear Resistant Putty • Demech Tuffwear® Brushable Ceramic • Demech Tuffwear® Anti-stick Ceramic • Demech Tuffwear® Wearing Compound • Demech Tuffwear® Pneu Wear • Demech Ceramic Tile Adhesive

Protective Coatings | For external coating of tanks, pipelines and DM Tanks

• Demech Koroguard® 1000 • Demech Koroguard® 10 • Demech Koroguard® 20 • Demech Chemguard Series

Chemical Resistant Coatings | For N-Pit, DM Tanks, Clarifiers, Pump Foundations, Salt Lagoons, Acid Tanks, Alkali Tanks, Brine Tanks, Flooring in Petrochemical and Fertiliser Plants, Prilling Towers, Urea Bagging Plants and Chemical Storage Dykes

• Demech Chemglass® Series • Demech Chemguard Series • Demech Koroguard® EN Series • Demech Koroglass™ EN Series

Flooring Products | For Battery Room Floor, Control Rooms, Chemical Processing & Storage Dykes, Pharmaceutical & Laboratories and Instrumentation Rooms

• Insu-floor • Battery Floor • Polyurethane Floor • 

Crusher & Grouting Compounds | For Cone Crusher and Gyratory Crushers

• Demech Backing & Crusher Compound • Demech Locking Compound 

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